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Non Profit Organizations in India

What is a Non Profit Organizations in India ?
There are several laws under which NGOs can be setup. The NGOs are non-governmental organizations or also know as non profit organizations, which are setup with the aim to promote education, culture, sports, religion, environment and other welfare activities. They are also known as NPOs (Not-profits) or CSOs (Civil Society Organizations). It is estimated that there are nearly 33 million non profit organizations in the country that means there is 1 non-governmental organisations for every 400 people.

The non profit organisations can be registered by anyone with technical requirements related to documentation and number of members to serve on the board. It is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 or other state trust acts. Some of the well-known non profit organizations are Pradan, Basix, Help Age India, Smile Foundation, Goonj, CRY, Give India, Nanhi Kali, Sargam Sanstha, and Green Peace.

These non-governmental organisations require funds and sustainable funding for several projects is crucial to create the estimated impact. The donors, whether they are international agencies, government, corporations or individuals help the non profit organisations through financial aid. Small contributions from individual donors are welcomed by non profit organisations, especially through online crowdfunding mechanism. Corporations can contribute under their corporate social responsibility whereas the government can provide aid in relation with social schemes. People can also volunteer for a non profit organizations and contribute towards welfare of the society. They can engage in any ongoing program or event and support various causes.

With nearly 75% of rural households earning less than 5000 a month, there is an urgent need to contribute towards social development, especially through non profit organizations, in order to reduce the rising disparity within the society.

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