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Upanishad Foundation (E/20024/AHMEDABAD)

Ngo Foundation in India

The corporations generally float large ngo foundations; institutions or government agencies to either conduct their corporate social responsibility activities or provide aid to welfare programs. There are several ngo foundation in India that are well known for their contribution towards development of society as well as conservation of the environment.

Ngo foundation are generally registered under the Societies Act, 1860. These ngo foundations are engaged in public welfare and also provide lot of opportunities for the people to connect to social causes through volunteerism. A lot of them encourage volunteer work and through their websites and other platforms invite people to dedicate sometime towards a social cause. Sometimes through various events these ngo foundation engages volunteers to spread awareness about several issues that are prevalent in society. One fine example of this is the Airtel Half Marathon.

Popular Ngo Foundations in India include Azim Premji Foundation, Reliance Foundation, DLF Foundation, and Being Human Foundation. They have been quite impactful through their social programs for various causes. Other than this, there are other global foundations such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Charities Aid Foundation, American India Foundation, which implement social development, programs in India. Their contributions have also been significant over the years and they have been able to create positive impact on the lives of millions of Indians.

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