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Upanishad Foundation (E/20024/AHMEDABAD)


Tapping Donors and Volunteers :
Donors and volunteers might be tapped through several methods which include both online and offline mechanisms. Creating awareness of the social projects through social media platforms, change.org, fundraising platforms, google AdWords etc can increase the chances of getting projects funded and volunteered for.
Similarly, offline methods such as networking through conferences, call for papers, door-door campaigns, donor presentations and of course good previous work can help catch the attention of both donors as well as volunteers.

Big Fundraisers :
There are several fundraisers in India who have done a phenomenal job in raising funds for several projects. Starting from Give India’s Delhi Half-marathon to the online platform Milaap, the country has witnessed several innovative ways to raise funds. Organizations such as Samhita, Fiinovation, IPEGlobal, AkshayPatra are also engaged in raising funds for social projects.

Conclusion :
In future, the NGOs can engage in developing unique campaigns which can lead to fundraising events. For example the Ice Bucket Challenge was not only a unique concept but also raised public awareness of the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis globally. Taking note of this, the campaigns need to be designed keeping the social media in mind and connect them with events such as marathons, cycling, plantation drive. Understandably, the more unique the campaign, the more likely it will become viral. Taking the help of facilitators, is a good step in keeping the charitable attitude and awareness alive amongst people.