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Charitable Trust (NGO – E/20024/AHMEDABAD)

Foundation in Ahmedabad

Be a part of a foundation in Ahmedabad ..

Doing good for someone without expecting something in return is what charities are all about. Ahmedabad is a city with many dimensionsin philanthropy. The ones that we see are beautiful and flourishing, but the other side is the one that is ignored by many, where poverty lies. There are many people residing in slums who are struggling to get proper food and shelter. That’s where a non profit foundation comes into the picture.

How is a non profit foundation in Ahmedabad help?

  • Education for women and children
  • Health and wellness
  • Children’s rights
  • Livelihood
  • Disaster response

Registering for a greater cause ..

It is easy to register a non profit foundation in Ahmedabad. If you want to become a part of an already existing foundation like the Reliance Foundation, Srijan Foundation or Aasman foundation then you can either become a trustee or a donor. You can donate your time and/or money to those who needs it the most. It is important to understand that at times it’s kindness that is valued. Helping poor kids in studies and feeding them can be rewarding and satisfying for your emotional well bieng. It also triggers a sense of achievement, a feeling that is tough to describe with words.

Making a difference in someone’s life ..

Foundations in Ahmedabad can always use additional help. Whether it’s through part-time volunteering or donating, it is important for these foundations to get additional asisstance. There are hundreds of individuals across Ahmedabad who unite for a common cause. From teaching small kids to helping build houses for the poor, volunteers have always done their best. If you live somewhere else then also you can make donations online as most of the foundations have websites. Your small contribution can make a large difference in someone’s under previleged life.

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