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Charitable Trust (NGO – E/20024/AHMEDABAD)

Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad

Noble vision of a charitable trust in Ahmedabad ..

Not everyone is born with eye sight. Some are blind from birth and need assistance. The Divya Jyothi charitable organisations is just one of the noble organisations that are dedicated to helping the blind to ‘see’ through their efforts. A charitable organisation in Ahmedabad carries a vision and mission to help those who are deprived in society. There ar emany such charities that exist for the welfare and support of the blind and also the disabled.

Goals of a charitable organisations ..

In accordance of its vision and mission an ideal organisation is sustainable and makes a difference to the lives of the people they work for. For example, the need for braille for the blind helps them to be independent and teaches them to embrace the difficulties of life.

Fundraising events are popular ..

A charity organizations exercises its awareness by various events and fund raising activities. For instance the Joy of Giving Week, is celebrated in Ahmedabad where people spread joy. It shows by caring events like donating for social causes. All NGOs get this platform to create awareness and they can speak to donors for their causes. The event is huge and is in a five star venue. The event can be as sombre as a blood donation drive or a fun filled evening where auction with dinner is organised. Cancer patients are unable to complete their treatments. They can always get a helping hand by generous donors.

Everyone is encouraged to join the festive spirit of the charity organizations and be a responsible citizen. Going green is another initiative that is gaining ground. Keeping the environment safe and clean is a priority for many. As the word spreads, charities offer their human resources, expertise, and also events for various causes. Come be a part of this growing movement.

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