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Upanishad Foundation (E/20024/AHMEDABAD)


Our Philosophy

“Generosity consists not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed”

Mahatma Gandhi

“When wealth is centralized, the people are dispersed. When wealth is distributed, the people are brought together.”


Upanishad Foundation has been conceived to help non-profit organisations in India to hold events and charities of their choice. We are a growing team of facilitator to help create an event to raise funds for charity. Our aim is to help NGOs, charity organisations and foundations to take advantage of  our expertise.

Every event is time-consuming and is also a costly affair. We take the headache from you and organise the everything right from planing to support after the event. Just to let you know what we can do the following points are vital for creating an event:

  • Purpose
  • Aim & Objective of fundraising
  • Potential budget
  • Who is the leader & team
  • Target group
  • Team and event set up
  • Marketing & sales
  • Practice before the event
  • Thanks
  • Support
  • Follow Up

As your consultants at ground level, we execute all these points so that the fundraiser event is a success.

How to handle donors & volunteers

Donors are highly stable or very moody. It is an art to get a donor to give. We have a team that is dedicated in handling both these vulnerable groups. Donors and volunteers like communications in time. They also should be appreciated for the efforts they put in. They need to be recognised too. Hence, in any event, if you pick up a donor and a volunteer for appreciation, it will be a good gesture. Make them you leaders and they will continue to support any non-profit organisation. Thanking them in person is highly recommended. On your behalf we readily do this exercise and send emails or communicate in other ways. Make them feel they are parting with a legacy and the precious time they are giving. The results are magical.

The team :
Upanishad Foundation has a handon approach for every NGO it supports. Whether it is a non profit organisation in ahmedabad or anywhere in India, we have a team to handle the enquirers for potential clients.

Currently, the team consists of

Amit Dukiya-Resource Manager
Event handler
Volunteer organisor
Donor manager

If you have a charitable trust in Ahmedabad or any city in India, we can be your partner in making events successful. Please contact us through our team or send us an email.

Till now we have helped successful campaigns for the following causes:

We look forward to making your event and cause a great success too with our expertise.

Inspiration :
Our inspiration has always been Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation who continues to interest the new generations to be more charitable towards the lesser previleged. If you have a NGO Foundation in Ahemdabad, we can arrange a meeting to add value to your pet cause.

Upanishad Foundation is in the process of helping many large and small organisations to fulfill their aims and objectives towards society fron which they earn. We are strengthening our portfolio of CSR events that raise awareness towards various causes.

We are at your service. Do get in touch with us.